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Land Contracts in Wisconsin

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What is a Land Contract?  A Land Contract also known as "Contract for Deed" or "Seller Financing" is a loan through the seller you are buying the real estate/property from instead of getting a conventional bank loan or having a mortgage through a financial institution. The seller holds the title or deed and gives buyer equitable title until the contract is fully satisfied by the buyer.  Then buyer will get full ownership to the property.   Just like a bank loan, a land contract normally has a down payment, interest rate (commonly higher than banks interest rates), over all length of contract.  The loan can be fully satisfied at the end of the contract or a lump sum is due called a balloon payment.  Buyers sometime get bank financing to pay off the balloon payment to the seller.  A land contract is not just for vacant land, but can be used when buying a home, condominium, commercial property, farm land etc...  Central Wisconsin Financing  Institutions.

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Real Estate for Sale with Seller offering a Land Contract

lot for sale by tri-lakes, wi



Lot with Deeded Access to Camelot Lake

Seller will do a Land Contract or TRADE!!!


This 1/2 acre property is wooded is absolutely beautiful and it comes with deeded access to Lake Camelot which is part of...


Property Info. *  MLS Sheet.Contact Realtor  *  Financing Available

mobile home for sale by Castle Rock Lake



Walk to Castle Rock Lake

Seller may consider a land contract - Name your terms!  This is vacation living at its best. This cute, well maintained mobile located in Dellwood, WI. at comes with new one car detached garage is located within walking distance from Wisconsin's Second Largest Lake - Castle Rock Lake. Even better...


Property Info. *  MLS Sheet.  *  Contact Realtor  *  Financing Available

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This is only a general description of a Contract for Deed.  Each state has different rules/guidelines for seller financing.  Land contracts are used for a variety of reason's including poor credit, not enough of a down payment or they can't meet the conventional mortgage loan requirements.  Many owners will not do seller financing because they consider it a higher risk, but it could give them a steady monthly income.

"Buyer, Vendee, Contract Purchaser all mean the same thing and is the same for Seller & Vendor."


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Balloon Payment:


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