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Adams County Cottonville Fire: May 5th 2005

Cottonville Tornado - April 10th 2011

Big Flats, Adams County Cottonville Fire: May 5th 2005

Big Flats WI. Town Hall / Fire Department - New Sign

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cottonville fire

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Resources for Cottonville Fire Victims - Click Here

Red Cross Donation Line   800-939-4052

Red Cross Online: http://portagewi.redcross.org/donate.html

Money donations are being welcomed now.  Other ways of helping may
be asked for later as some families have lost nearly everything in the
fire but for now, just money is needed.

All of us here at Landman Realty LLC wish to thank everyone involved in the efforts to extinguish the Cottonville Fire, provide help, support & information for area residents and landowners.  We want to thank everyone for their continued efforts and generosity.  Special thanks to our local radio station K106.FM who always provides our community with updated information especially in times of crisis.  Monetary donations to the Adams County Treasurer or Red Cross will be welcomed. 

Red Cross Online: http://portagewi.redcross.org/donate.html

Adams County Treasurer: P.O. Box 470 Friendship, WI.  53934

Salvation Army is accepting donations starting Saturday May 7th 2005 at the Adams County Fairgrounds.   No clothing or appliances please. 

Thanks so much everybody!


Help Prevent Forest Fires by Getting Informed.

Click Here: Wisconsin DNR

Video: http://nbc15.madison.com/news/headlines/1549427.html

Pineland School Shelter     608-564-7424
All families affected by the fire are asked to check into the Pineland
School shelter.  (As of May 6th 2005) Do not go back to your homes.  The area is blocked
off for safety reasons.  Call the number above.

Governor Doyle will be at the Pineland School Shelter about 11 AM
this morning to discuss the situation and what is needed.

Big Flats Church Shelter   715-824-3285

Local Radio Station http://www.wdkmfm.com/phpweb/

  • 10:00 am May 6th 2005 The Evacuation Area is still off limits to the general public.
  • 12:30am May 6th 100% Contained
  • At 10:30 pm Over 3,800 Acres have been consumed by flames.
  • At 10:00 pm Pineland School Shelter said that some families lost everything and on May 6th 2005 they will start taking donations in cooperation with the Red Cross.
  • At 9:30 pm on May 5th, 2005 State Troopers said that they have 75% of the fire contained.

  • May 5th 2005: 7:00 pm Over 1,400 Acres burned in the Big Flats area close to Cottonville Ave and 10th Ave in Adams County, Central Wisconsin.

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Cottonville Wildfire Wisconsin Photos / Pictures

Pictures after the wildfire ran through Big Flats, WI.

cottonville fire

Photo of a home and truck after the Cottonville Fire.


May 6th 2005 the day after the wildfire was started.

brush fire

Small fires and smoldering trees still remain.

smoking tree

May 5th 2005 - Day of Cottonville fire in Big Flats, Adams WI.

forest fire pictures

Photo Taken From: Roche-A-Cri State Park.

wild fire wisconsin

Photo Taken From: Roche-A-Cri State Park.

wisconsin fire

Photo Taken From: Rabbit Rock Hwy 13

big flats fire

Photo Taken From: Rabbit Rock Hwy 13

central wisconsin fire

Photo Taken From: Rabbit Rock Hwy 13

forest fire

Photo Taken From: Hwy 21 & Hwy 13

wild fire

Photo Taken From: Hwy 13 & County C

adams county wi

Photo Taken From: County Rd Z & Beaver Dr.

adams county wisconsin

Photo Taken From: Chicago Ave

fire in wisconsin

Photo Taken From: Chicago Ave

thick smoke

Photo Taken From: Chicago Ave

fire fighters wi

Photo Taken From: 3rd Ave by Hwy 21

break news wi

Photo Taken From: Rabbit Rock Hwy 13

fire bomber plane

Photo Taken From: Chicago Ave (Fire Bomber Plane)

 Other Websites with Information on the Cottonville Fire.


DNR Website.



DNR PDF of the Fire Great Photos.



Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Story.



A Personal Website with Lots of Fire Pictures.



The Salvation Army's Website (Special Thank for all your help!)



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