Adams County Wisconsin Lakes

Flowages & Ponds

Amey Pond

Amey Pond Wisconsin

Amey Pond WI is located in New Haven Township which is the southeast corner of Adams County, Central Wisconsin just north of Columbia County and West of Marquette County. It’s about 56 acres of water surrounded by 100% of State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources or WI DNR for short call Amey Pond Wildlife Refuge Area. There’s a little creek about 2 city blocks long that link Mason Lake and the pond together. Just like Mason Lake it has Northern Pike, Largemouth Bass, Panfish and possibly some Walleye with a maximum depth of about 7 feet.

Amey Pond WI -

Arkdale Lake aka Millpond

Arkdale Lake Wisconsin

Arkdale Lake WI is located in Strongs Prairie Township of Adams County, Central Wisconsin it’s actually a flowage created by Arkdale Dam backing up Big Roche-A-Cri Creek.  The creek also forms Big Roche-a-Cri Lake to the Northeast and flows into Castle Rock Lake to the Southwest. It's right in the town of Arkdale WI and is about a 55 acre body of water with 2 access areas open to the public one on the West side and the other to the Southeast. They both offer concrete boat ramps for small fishing boat, this is a NO WAKE LAKE!  It's primarily a fishing lake loaded with several types of fish including small mouth bass, large mouth bass, northern pike and a variety of other panfish. The lake is pretty much fully developed with older more established getaway cabins and full time residential homes. You can find some real estate for sale on and around Arkdale Lake like waterfront parcels, off water homes and lakefront cabins.

Arkdale Lake WI -

Arrowhead Lake aka Manchester

Arrowhead Lake Wisconsin

Lake Arrowhead is located in Rome Township of Adams County, Central Wisconsin it's also known as Manchester Lake (according to the official Wisconsin Lake Book by WI Department of Natural Resource) It is the second largest of the Tri-lakes with about 350 acres of water and a max depth of 30 ft. The Tri-lakes are all heavily subdivided and have covenants and some areas have association fees Lake Arrowhead is probably best known for it’s golf course, Lake Arrowhead County Park and Shermalot Water Ski Show. The Lake Arrowhead Golf Course consists of 2 courses; the original, “The Pines Course” & “The Lake Course” which has more water hazards. Both of these golf courses are 18 holes and have been recognized by Golf Digest as 2 of the better courses in the country including a 4.5 star rating on The Pines Course.

The county park is call Lake Arrowhead County Park, it’s located on the western shoreline close to where the dam flows the water back into Fourteen Mile Creek.  Arrowhead Lake has a nice variety of fish including Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish also check out the Wisconsin Wildlife around The Tri-Lakes. Not too far down stream is Wisconsin’s 2nd largest body of water; Lake Petenwell.

Arrowhead Lake WI -

Big Roche-A-Cri Lake

Big Roche A Cri Lake Wisconsin

Big Roche-A-Cri Lake is formed by a small hydroelectric dam on Big Roche-A-Cri Creek located in Preston Township, Adams County, Central Wisconsin under State Highway 13 between Wisconsin Rapids and Adams – Friendship.  East of the Lake, the creek is a trout stream and to the west it also forms Arkdale Lake then runs past Crystal Brook Woods and finally joins the Wisconsin River system at Castle Rock Lake. This 200 acre ski able lake has an average 9 ft deep with a max depth of 20 ft.  There are two primary boat launches on the lake for small to mid size fishing, ski and pontoon boats.  One is next to the hyrdo dam and the other right next to hwy 13 just south of the Bar & Grill.

Primarily it's a recreational lake used for fishing, boating, jet skiing and water skiing.  Please check the WI DNR or signage for both fishing restrictions and wake rules which are currently no wake after 6:00 pm.  You can find the most common Wisconsin fish in the lake including northern pike, largemouth bass, blue gills, crappies and other types of panfish. Most of the 6.7 miles of shoreline real estate around the lake has been fully developed into waterfront building sites for getaway cabins, full time residential homes, mobile homes and campers.  State hwy 13 splits the lake in two with the smaller east side being shallow & weedy with the larger West side, much deeper and it’s less weedy toward the dam and some of the nicer homes.  The contour of the bottom of the lake is made up of the old creek bed, some rock but mostly sand and silt that the creek brings in.  The Lake association has the weeds harvested throughout the summer months. 

Big Roche-A-Cri Lake WI -

Big Spring Lake aka Big Spring Pond

Big Spring Lake also known as Big Spring Pond is located in New Haven Township of Adams County.  Big Spring is about 7 acres and 5 – 7 feet deep, but home to Largemouth Bass, Panfish, and even some Trout.  Big Spring Creek flows from the Northwest into Big Spring Pond, then heads Southeast ending at Mason Lake which is also attached to Amey Pond via a small unnamed creek / channel. 

Big Spring Lake WI -

Blue Lake

Blue Lake Wisconsin

Camelot Lake

Camelot Lake Wisconsin

Lake Camelot is located in Rome Township of Adams County, Central Wisconsin and is the largest of the Tri-Lakes with a sand bottom, about 445 acres of water, a max depth of 24 ft. and an average depth of 9 ft.  Fourteen Mile Creek flows into the lake on the east end, continuous to where Lake Camelot & Lake Sherwood meet on the west end where the dam is located then turn back into the creek and into Lake Arrowhead a short distance down.  Spend a day at Lake Camelot County Park located on the south end near the middle of the lake.

The county park is call Lake Camelot County Park, it’s located on the western shoreline close to where the dam flows the water into Lake Sherwood and then back into Fourteen Mile creek.  Camelot Lake has a nice variety of fish including Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike and Panfish also check out the Wisconsin Wildlife around the Tri-Lakes. Not too far down stream is Wisconsin’s 2nd largest body of water; Lake Petenwell.

Lake Camelot WI -

FEATURED Area Properties for Sale

Castle Rock Lake aka Castle Rock Flowage

Castle Rock Lake Wisconsin

Crooked Lake

Crooked Lake Wisconsin

Crooked Lake is located in Jackson Township of Adams County, Central Wisconsin where you can find about many other small fishing lakes similar to this one; Goose Lake, Wolf Lake, Peppermill Lake, McDougall Lake, Hill Lake, Deep Lake, Parker Lake and the larger more popular Jordan Lake are some of them.  Most of these lakes were heavily subdivided back in the 60s, 70s, & 80s into small lake lots with 66 – 100 feet of frontage Crooked Lake is less developed with about 70% of is shoreline controlled by a few land owners with some smaller waterfront lots to the north.  The lake itself is only about 48 acres but it is 56 feet deep with an average depth of 14 feet and the lake is home to Largemouth Bass, North Pike and a wide variety of panfish.

Crooked Lake WI -

Deep Lake

Deep Lake Wisconsin

Deep Lake is located in Jackson Township of Adams County, Central Wisconsin.  This Lake is about 47 feet deep and 35 acres total. It is home to Largemouth Bass, North Pike, Trout and a wide variety of panfish making a good fishing lake. About 50% of Deep Lake is divided into smaller waterfront lots along the southern and northeastern shorelines. Looking at it from County Road G, you can see the lakefront homes are far from the lake due to the tall steep banks or the shoreline. Deep Lake is located in Jackson Township of Adams County where you can find many other small fishing lake similar to this one; Goose Lake, Wolf Lake, Peppermill Lake, McDougall Lake, Hill Lake, Crooked Lake, Parker Lake and the larger more popular Jordan Lake. Most of these lakes were heavily subdivided back in the 60s, 70s, & 80s into small lake lot with 66 – 100 feet of frontage.

Deep Lake WI -

Dorro Couche Lake

Easton Lake

Easton Lake Wisconsin

Easton Lake is located right in the little Town of Easton which is in Easton Township in Adams County, Central Wisconsin just north of The Dells.  This 24 acre lake is about 10 deep and has an average depth of 5 feet.  Easton Lake is one of the only small lakes in Adams Cty that is known for brook trout.  A few other lakes may have some trout and there are several good trout streams in the area but not many lakes with trout at all. Fed by several springs and Campbell Creek from the East after the lake Campbell Creek meets Fairbanks Creek, then they both run through into White Creek which flows all the way to the Wisconsin River just south of Castle Rock Lake.

Easton Lake WI -

Easton Shores Pond

Easton Shores Pond WisconsinEaston Shores Pond is a newer lake as far as the public is concerned due to the recent development around the pond.  This small pond which is about 3+/- acres with reports of largemouth bass, crappies, bluegills and trout.  This is part of Risk Creek, flows from the east to the west which is dammed up by a small earthen dam with an overflow tube located near 10th drive.  Easton Shores Pond is part of the 167 acres development called Easton Shores most parcels range 4 to 6 acre in size that are on or have deeded access to the pond via an outlot by the new formed public access area.

Easton Shores Pond WI -

Fawn Lake

Fawn Lake Wisconsin

Fawn Lake is a 20 acre body of water located in Dell Prairie Township of Adams County, Central Wisconsin; just 15 minutes north of the famous Wisconsin Dells.  There’s not much information about the lake but from looking at maps and personally visiting the lake a couple times there’s small creek that feeds the lake from the east.  Most of the maps do not show a river, creek or steams coming into it does shows Trout Creek starting right from the Westside and flows into the Wisconsin River about ¾ miles away. Fawn Lake was heavily developed with small quarter to half acre parcels, both on and around the lake many years ago.  You can find a wide variety of full time residential home of nice wooded campsites and even a few mobile homes.

Fawn Lake WI -

Fenners Lake

Fenners Lake Wisconsin

Friendship Lake aka Millpond

Friendship Lake Wisconsin

Friendship Lake is located in Adams County, Central Wisconsin of Adams Township.  The lake is a flowage fed by Little Roche-A-Cri Creek on the east side of Hwy 13, and turns back into a trout stream on the West side of the Hwy after the Friendship Hydroelectric Dam.  Friendship Lake has 1 large public boat launch on Hwy 13, right by the Public Beach.  It's is just north of Adams - Friendship (sometimes called the twin cities, in the heart of Adams County) and offers a variety of recreation such as swimming, fishing, waterskiing, jet skiing, boating, canoeing and great ice fishing, all with a view of Friendship Mound.  This lake has many types of fish including; Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, Bluegills, Rock Bass and more.  Adams-Friendship is also the County Seat. - Friendship Beach is the Public Access Point to the Lake!

The lake is formed by both Little Roche-A-Cri Creek and Fordham Creek which are controlled by the Friendship Dam right next to the public beach and boat launch.  Below the dam is Friendship Park where the water turns into a trout stream called Little Roche-A-Cri Creek that flows all the way into Wisconsin’s 4th largest body of water, Castle Rock Lake.

Friendship Lake WI -

Goose Lake

Goose Lake Wisconsin

Goose Lake is a well know fishing lake in Jackson Township, Adams County, Central Wisconsin.  Here you’ll find a small public beach / boat launch surrounded by older vacation homes and some full time residential homes as well.  The lake offers excellent opportunities for Largemouth Bass & Panfish fishing with the occasional Northern Pike.  It's about 81 acres with a max depth of 18 feet deep plus a small 3 acre island by Tranquil Bay on the Southwest side of the lake.   Great fishing, but not as deep as some of the neighboring fishing lakes like Wolf Lake at 50 ft deep or Deep Lake at 47 feet deep which are no wake lakes.

There’s not much vacant land for sale on Goose Lake anymore because most lakefront lots were built on many years ago and the new development called Tranquil Bay only has a couple waterfront lake lots.  It is aerated for the fish but it created thin ice in the winter so becareful.

Goose Lake WI -

Hill Lake - PRIVATE

Hill Lake Wisconsin PRIVATE

Jordan Lake

Jordan Lake Wisconsin

Jordan Lake also known as Long Lake is located in Jackson Township of Adams County, Central Wisconsin. This is one of the more popular lakes on the southern end of the County due to its depth and ski ability.  Jordan Lake is an amazing 85 feet deep and about 213 acres in size with 60% of the bottom is sand and the remainder is a mix of silt, marl & rubble. You can find Northern Pike, Walleye, Largmouth Bass, Panfish and even trout.  Jordan Lake is a heavily subdivided lake both for the waterfront parcels & off water deeded access lot.  There only one section on the east end of the lake that is not split and it’s controlled by 2 private land owners.

Jordan Lake WI -

Little Lake

Mason Lake

Mason Lake Wisconsin

McCall Lake

McDougall Lake

McDougal Lake Wisconsin

Mcginnis Lake

McGinnis Lake Wisconsin

Parker Lake

Parker Lake Wisconsin

Patrick Lake

Patrick Lake Wisconsin

Peppermill Lake aka Beaver Pond

Peppermill Lake Wisconsin

Petenwell Lake aka Petenwell Flowage

Lake Petenwell Wisconsin

Risk Creek Pond

Rollers Lake

Sherwood Lake akaDeer Lodge

Sherwood Lake Wisconsin

Silver Lake

Silver Lake Wisconsin

Twin Lakes

Twin Lakes Wisconsin

Wolf Lake

Wolf Lake Wisconsin

Wolf Lake WI is located in Jackson Township Adams County, Central Wisconsin with several other small fishing lakes like Goose Lake, Peppermill Lake, Deep Lake, Parker Lake, Crooked Lake… Wolf Lake is a smaller 49 acre lake but it’s about 50 feet deep. It’s also a “No Motor Lake”. The lake offers some good Panfishing with plenty of Largemouth Bass and some say a Northern Pike here and there.  Wolf Lake’s shoreline is 75% developed with homes and vacant lots but the other 25% to the Northeast is Upper Neenah Fishery Area with Neenah Creek Trout Stream flowing through it.

Wolf Lake WI

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