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Adams County Wisconsin River Creeks Trout Streams

Big Roche A Cri Creek  - Class 1 & 2

Big Spring Creek – Class 1

Bingham Creek

Campbell Creek - Class 1 & 2

Carter Creek – Class 1, 2 & 3

Castle Rock Ditch

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Chester Creek – Class 1

Corning Creek – Class 1

Dead Horse Creek

Ditch # 7

Dry Creek

Duck Creek

Fairbanks Creek – Class 1

Fordham Creek – Class 1

Fourteenmile Creek

Gulch Creek – Class 1

Klein Creek

Lawrence Creek – Class 1

Leola Ditch – Class 2

Little Roche A Cri Creek – Class 1, 2 & 3

Neenah Creek – Class 1

Neenah Creek WI Trout Stream

Neenah Creek is known for its Brown Trout which starts at McGinnis Lake it’s headwaters in New Chester Township of Adams County and quickly flows through 4 locations of Upper Neenah Creek State Fishery Areas.  It flows through Jackson Township right past Wolf Lake then just north of Hill Lake (Private) before it winds its way into Oxford Township of Marquette County making its way into Neenah Lake in the Village of Oxford, Wisconsin.  The water flows through Neenah Dam returning back to creek form heading south into Douglas Township Neenah Creek is continually fled by little unknown creeks and streams along its way until meeting up O’Keefe Creek whose headwaters are from Blue Lake right by Jordan Lake back in Adams Cty.  The main channel meets up with the South Branch of Neenah Creek getting its water from Mason Lake.

Neenah Creek Trout Stream - https://thelandman.net/neenah-creek.html

O’Keefe Creek – Class 2

Peppermill Creek

Plainville Creek – Class 1

Risk Creek – Class 2

Shadduck Creek

Spring Brook

Trout Creek

Unnamed - Several

White Creek – Class 2

Widow Green Creek

Wisconsin River

Wisconsin RiverWisconsin is home to the 430 mile long Wisconsin River which is known for its amazing historical background.  Many years ago before it turned into the river, it was used throughout the state as a road for transportation from one location to another.  The river begins at the Northeast corner of the state and ends at the Mississippi River.  When fishing in the river you get the best of both worlds.  Not only do you get to bask in the glory of prime Wisconsin fish, but you get to enjoy the freshness of the Mississippi creatures.  The Wisconsin River flows through Adams County into Wisconsin Dells which is filled with fun attractions and historical landmarks.  An interesting fact is that around 14,000 years ago, the ice that formed Lake Wisconsin melted away causing overflow which cut a portion of the Wisconsin River out which in turn created the Wisconsin Dells.

Wisconsin River - https://thelandman.net/wisconsin-river.html

Wisconsin Rivers Creeks & Trout Streams

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