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Landman Realty llc Answers - “Top 10 Questions you should ask your Realtor AND WHY?”

1.) Are you a full time realtor?

Yes, we are full time realtors. In this current market plenty of realtors have taken on part time jobs because of the market slow down.  We feel that to do the job right we need to spend more time on the job, not less.

2.) Are you in the MLS? If so, how many members?

Yes, we are part of the South Central Wi. MLS with about 4,000 other agents.  Some real estate agents are not in any Multiple Listing Service which really hurts your chances of selling your real estate.  You want other agents from other companies to show and even sell your property.


3.) Is your company open 7 days a week?

Yes, Landman Realty is open 7 days a week including most holidays because everyone has different days off.

4.) If you’re out sick, on vacation or even on another showing; who will be handling my listing?

Landman Realty works as a Team so other agents in the firm are already familiar with your property.  Most real estate offices are structured as if each agent is their own company so if they are sick or on vacation, so is your listing.  Most realtors will not mention this at the time of listing.

5.  Can I see your property marketing Plan?  Or can I have a list of places you advertise so I can compare?

Landman Realty can provide you with a general Marketing Plan (minus the new techniques we don’t want our competitors to see just yet).  Most realtors marketing plan is to post it on the MLS and on there office website, that is normally not enough in this real estate market.

6.    Do you have a Toll Free number?

Yes, we have both a Toll Free phone number (608-339-8030) and a dedicated fax line (608-339-8035).  Some smaller companies sometimes do not have a toll free number to save money.  But buyers from out of area will not always call local telephone numbers due to roaming fees.  Also smaller companies with use there fax line as an internet line which makes it difficult to get contracts back and forth.

7.    Will you personally show my property?

Yes, we offer personal showings to qualified buyers.  Personal showings are important for buyers.  You want them to know what they are looking at and you don’t want them to get frustrated or even lost.  Many agents send the folks out to your property on their own which is a potential problem for you and for the customer.

8.    What is your Co-Broke with other realtors?

Landman Realty offers a 50/50 Co-Broke with all reciprocating brokers and a 60/40 to all others.   WHY are Co-Brokes important?  Because it is the commission split between two real estate companies.  The closer the split between brokers, the more likely that a cooperating company will show your property.

9.    How many current listings do you have?  Vs.  How many sales in the last year for both YOU and your COMPANY?

In 2008 Landman realty sold about 30+% of all our inventory and we averaged about just over 100 listings most of the year.  This number is important with some of the larger companies down in the 12% or 17% of their listings selling.  Bigger is not always better as they may have more listings than they can handle effectively.

10.    With 85+% of property buyers shopping online, how much web traffic do you get in a month?

In March 2009 we have set a new record and almost hit “TEN THOUSAND” unique visitors to our company/office website.  That was about 4 to 5 times more then our average competitor’s office websites.  According to a NAR (National Association of Realtors) survey estimated that 87% of home buyers use the internet to search for houses.  Who will give you better exposure then Landman Realty llc?


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