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Big Roche-A-Cri Fishery Area

Big Roche-A-Cri Fishery Area is about 826 acres located in Leola Township of Adams County and Plainfield Township of Waushara County, Central Wisconsin.  This public land area is spread out in about 6 sections / zones along the Big Roche-A-Cri Creek which is a “class 1” trout stream.  Access points are limited because most of the land around the fishery area is surrounded by privately owned parcels.  The roads touching Big Roche-A-Cri Fishery Area are Cty G, Cty KK, Archer Dr., 4th Ave and Aspen Ave.  Most of the access is roadside parking and there are 3 parking lots located on Archer Dr. & 4th Ave.   According to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, fishing, hunting, trapping, hiking, birding, photography are allowed including having pets.  Brook trout are the predominant trout species in this section of the creek, but you can find some brown trout as well.  There are a wide variety of wildlife in the fishery including; whitetail deer, beaver, eastern wild turkey, grouse, wood chucks, squirrels. You can find red oaks, white oaks, red pine, white pines, jack pines, birch trees even some row pines in the sandy low land soils.

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Zones (Not official - listed from West to East)

  • Zone 1 - 160 acres (2-20 acre & 3 – 40 acre parcels) along Archer Dr. just west of Cty G in Leola Township, Adams County, WI (T20N, R 7E, sections 27 & 26). Parking, Path through the woods, some rocks in creek making a babbling brook sound. Most of this is wooded with a 25 acre meadow on the north east end.
  • Zone 2 – 190 acres along Archer Dr. just east of Cty G in Leola Township, Adams Co, Wisconsin (T20N, R 7E, sections 25).  There is a small parking lot by the pond.  This section of the fishery is pretty diverse lots a woods including red oak, white oak, nature pines, row pines with pockets of hidden meadows for the wildlife to graze.  By the pond are lots of signs of beavers and on Big Roche-Cri-Cri Trout close to the pond the beavers started building a dam.
  • Zone 3 – 171 acres between Archer Dr. & Aspen Ave in Plainfield Township of Waushara County, WI. (T20N, R 8E, sections 30).  This Zone consists of several parcels of varying sizes, mostly wooded with the trout stream cutting through a diagonal pattern from the northwest section to the southeast section of the DNR Property.
  • Zone 4 – 74 acres on 2nd Ave along the east side in Plainfield Township of Waushara County, Wisconsin (T20N, R 8E, sections 32).  This parcel is mostly wooded with a couple areas with sparse trees.
  • Zone 5 – 40 acres on the west side of Cty KK in Plainfield Township of Waushara County, WI (T20N, R 8E, sections 29).  Consisting of 2 - 20 acre parcels which are mostly wooded with nature trees and a section of Row Pines with wetlands along the winding creek.
  • Zone 6 – 191 acres on both sides of 4th Ave in Plainfield Township of Waushara County, Wisconsin (T20N, R 8E, sections 33 & 34).  Most of this area is swamp / wetlands / low lands there are some trees.

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