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Landman Realty llc brought a megaphone to the social networking scene because we see that as powerful as search engines were 10 years ago social media might be become the main marketing tool in the next 10 years.  We also redesigned our blog website to have more of a daily online presence because our monthly newsletter was a sucess in 2014 moving into 2016. You can now follow us on:


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These websites and connections are very important to our clients because this is becoming the new way of marketing real estate in cyberspace.  According to the NAR - National Association of Realtors, 90%+ of home buyers are shopping online.  Not just with computers, but with tablets and smartphones using not only search engines, but also social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus and others...

Also check out our Neighborhood Notifications, Classified Ads and our Blog website as well.  No One Markets like Landman Realty LLC!

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