New Chester Township

New Chester Township Wisconsin

New Chester Township is located in Adams County (Central Wisconsin) and has two small communities; Brooks and Grand Marsh.  Grand Marsh is home of the original Grand Marsh State Bank.  It hosts the FAMOUS annual Corn N Tater Fest. The Union Pacific Railroad runs diagonally through  New Chester Township passing both Grand Marsh and Brooks. 1 square mile (640 acres) of the township is owned by United States of America and has a federal training facility.  It is also home to Oxford Federal Correctional Institution that has about 1,100 guests and employs about 400 area people. New Chester is a mixture of Recreation and Agriculture.  There are several lakes in the Town of New Chester including Rollers Lake, Fenner Lake, Lake McGinnis (where Neenah Creek Trout Stream headwaters start) and Patrick Lake that also has a County Park. You can enjoy the outdoors in the 2 State owned Wildlife areas; Lawrence Creek Wildlife Area & Upper Neenah State Fishery Area.

New Chester Township WI -

New Chester Township WI

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