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  • Arkdale Wisconsin

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  • Big Flats Fire

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  • Easton Township WI

    Easton Township WI

    Town of Easton

    Easton Township WI is Located in Adams County, Central Wisconsin and is home to both Grand Marsh & Grand Marsh State Bank.  In the south western part of Easton Township is the Town of White Creek named after White Creek which flows through it. There are 2 small lakes in the township; Easton Lake in the town of Easton and Easton Shores Pond newly opened to the public after the surrounding land was subdivided in to Easton Shores. There are a couple of creeks including Fairbanks Creek, Campbell Creek and Risk Creek, which formed Easton Shores Lake. There are quite a bit of farmland in the area with two named Rock formations; Lighthouse Rock and Rattlesnake Rock.

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    Easton Township Wisconsin

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  • Easton Lake

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  • Easton Shores Pond

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  • Fire Station

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  • New Haven Township WI

    New Haven Township WI

    Town of New Haven

    New Haven Township WI is located in the southwest corner of Adams County, Central Wisconsin. This area has larger land parcels besides the small parcels of land around the lakes. To the south is Columbia County and to the east is Marquette County.  Big Spring creek flow into Mason Lake which has the southernmost county park in Adams County. New Haven also has Big Spring Lake, Big Spring Creek, O’Keefe Creek, several private lakes and Amey Pond which is surrounded by Amey Pond Fish and Wildlife Management Area owned by State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. State Highway 23 cuts through the southern end of this Township and Cty Road G & P is a main intersection for the area.  Briggsville is located on the eastside of Mason Lake which is in Marquette Cty.

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    New Haven Township Wisconsin

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  • New Haven Township Wisconsin

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  • Peppermill Lake

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  • Post Office

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  • Quincy Township WI

    Quincy Township WI

    Town of Quincy

    Quincy Township WI is located in Adams County, Central Wisconsin and is home to Castle Rock County Park on Wisconsin’s 4th largest body of water; Castle Rock Lake. Castle Rock Hydro Dam helps regulate the water levels of the lake and provides a nice recreational area for fishermen. After the dam it turns back into the Wisconsin River System that flows south to Wisconsin Dells. Parts of the Township are heavily subdivided mostly for vacation homes. Dellwood is one of the largest and oldest subdivisions in Quincy. Here’s where several of the area creeks feed into Castle Rock Lake; Little Roche-A-Cri Creek, Klein Creek, Duck Creek and White Creek. Quincy Township doesn’t have much for lakes but there is Silver lake about 7 acres and two large unnamed lakes by Quincy Bluffs Wetlands Area.  There are also 2 rock formations including Lone Rock and Quincy Bluff.

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    Quincy Township Wisconsin

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  • Springville Township WI

    Springville Township WI

    Town of Springville

    Springville Township WI is located in Adams County, Central Wisconsin which borders the Wisconsin River to the West. There are several streams that run through this area including; Duck Creek, White Creek, Cornering Creek and a couple unnamed creeks.  There not much for public land in this township it's mostly private owned wooded, residential and farmland from small lots to large acreage; also home to Anderson Bluff. Springville is only a couple minutes from the Famous “Wisconsin Dells” where you can find water parks, restaurants, entertainment and lots of events throughout the year. The main intersection is State Highway 13 & State Hwy 82 which is a main road that crosses the Wisconsin River.

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    Springville Township Wisconsin

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  • Town of Big Flats

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  • Town of Leola

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  • Town of Preston

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  • Corn N' Tator Fest

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  • Crooked Lake County Park

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  • Dell Prairie Township WI

    Dell Prairie Township WI

    Town Of Dell Prairie

    Dell Prairie Township is located in Adams County, Central Wisconsin just north of Wisconsin Dells at the main intersection of State Highway 13 & County Road K.  It's known for several miles of Wisconsin River frontage bordering the westside and separating Adams County from Juneau County, WI. Here you can find Fawn Lake which flows into Trout Creek. Also there is Shadduck Creek, Gulch Creek and Plainville Creek which runs right past Plainville. Dell Prairie is just north of the famous Wisconsin Dells. There are two rock formations in this township, the historical Steamboat Rock and Elephant Rock.

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    Dell Prairie Township Wisconsin

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  • Leola Township WI

    Leola Township WI

    Town of Leola

    Leola Township WI is located in Adams County, Central Wisconsin most North Eastern township and mostly consists of farm land owned by a small number of people plus there are a couple of large parcels of State Land open to the public. There are no lakes and only 2 creeks in Leola, Big Roche-A-Cri Creek which flows Big Roche-A-Cri State Fishery and Fourteen Mile Creek which flows through Central Wisconsin Grassland Conservation Area then helps fill all three of the Tri-Lakes; Lake Camelot, Lake Sherwood & Lake Arrowhead in Rome Township to the west. Leola Township is home to Owens Rock which is located in Leola Marsh Wildlife Area.

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    Leola Township Wisconsin

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  • Lincoln Township Wisconsin

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  • Monroe Township WI

    Monroe Township WI

    Town of Monroe

    Monroe Township WI is located Adams County, Central Wisconsin; primarily a recreational area with about 10 miles of Petenwell Flowage frontage, thousands of acres of Wisconsin River Power Company & Corporate Timberland property which is open to the public. Most back roads are open to ATVs and snowmobiling via routes and trails. Petenwell County Park is nearly surrounded by Petenwell lake that offers a safe harbor, sandy beach camping, boat ramps and more... At the north end on Lake Petenwell is Kennedy Waters & Petenwell Landing developments which border Monroe Town Park. This park doesn’t see many people in the summer but in the winter is a hot spot for ice fishing & snowmobiling. The town hall is located in Monroe Center a small community with a couple Bars & Grills, full time and vacation with a small general store / gas station.  The main intersection for this area is County Road C and Cty Rd Z.  Also Monroe Township is home to Van Kuren Trail.

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    Monroe Township Wisconsin

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  • Monroe Township Wisconsin

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  • No Hunting

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