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Top 10 Questions you should ask your Realtor!

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  1. Are you a full time realtor?
  2. Are you in the MLS? If so, how many members?
  3. Is your company open 7 days a week?
  4. If you’re out, who will be handling my listing?
  5. Can I see your property marketing Plan?  Or can I have a list of places you advertise so I can compare?
  6. Do you have a Toll Free number?
  7. Will you personally show my property?
  8. What is your Co-Broke with other realtors?
  9. How many current listings do you have vs. how many sales in the last year for both YOU and your COMPANY?
  10. With 85+% of property buyers shopping online, how much web traffic do you get in a month?

* Shopping for a Realtor by what they charge for commission would work if all Realtors were the same.  Realtors do not all offer equal marketing or methods of selling your home and they all have different degrees of success.

One good question for your prospective realtor is this: “What do you do for your Commission beyond what your competitors already do?

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