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Wisconsin Short Term Rentals Land & Acreage for Sale

Wisconsin Short Term Rentals Land & Acreage for Sale

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WI Short Term Rentals - Homes & Cabins | Condos | Land & Acreage

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 These properties were selected from IDXWI.com using the keyword "SHORT TERM RENTAL" in the remarks section as the search criteria.  Carefully read through the description for yourself once you are on the main page.

Short Term Rentals for Land & Acreage

Short Term Rental Building Site

 Wisconsin Short Term Rentals are a very trendy hot real estate investment offering away for property owners to help pay for there vacation homes.  Short Term Rentals mean 30 days or less according to most government definitions.  Some areas / subdivisions allow short term rentals but other DO NOT so it's important to check to local zoning (State, County, Township, City, Village, etc...) plus any development rules and covenants if applied.   


Things to Consider When Purchasing a Short Term Rental

Are you thinking of purchasing a short term rental property?  What are your potential renters going to be looking to rent out?  Are they going to want a log cabin tucked away in the woods? A get-away Lake Cottage on a small quiet lake?  Or a lake house on an all sports lake for a weekend of fishing, skiing, swimming and more?  Are you going to be using it as well?  Is it pet friendly? Also,  you should think about what activities are in the area of the rental that renters might want to enjoy before you buy.   Those are some things to consider.   

  • Check with Zoning - State, County, Municipality, City, Town, Village, (if applicable) Development, Association, HOA, Subdivision, etc...
  • ROI - Return on Investment
  • Your Wants vs Renters Needs
  • Does Your Real Estate Agent understand the Short Term Rental market and Vacation Properties? 
  • Your competition?
  • Cleaning Service
  • Marketing your Rental
  • Knowing your Rental Market - Average Occupancy Rate, Rental Rates, Nightly, Weekends, Holidays, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal Rates to Charge.  Also big area events like Festivals, Concerts, Conventions, etc...
  • Property Maintenance Costs
  • If Applicable Property Mortgage Payments
  • Yearly Tax
  • Association Fees in in HOA - Home Owners Association.
  • Any other Operation Costs that might pop up.

Short Term Rental Lots WI

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